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Journeyman / Heat

9 Sanborn Court, Union Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

Choose an experience
Booking now to March 31, 2017.
    1. Reservation

      Book a table at Journeyman (1-8 guests)

      Make a reservation for a 9-course tasting. Dinner, including service, is $115.

    2. $100 Per Person

      Purchase a Journeyman ticket to get a discount (1-4 guests)

      Get a $15-25 discount on our 9-course tasting by pre-paying for your meal. The price includes service.

    3. Reservation

      Book a table at Heat (1-10 guests)

      Same chef. Same ingredients. Same wood fire. Louder music. Dinner is a la carte.

    4. $160 Per Person

      Omakase with Backbar! (1-2 guests)

      If you've ever wished for a cocktail pairing with a tasting menu, your wish has been granted. The full Journeyman tasting menu, paired with whatever Sam makes. One seating a week, 7pm Sundays.

    5. $60 Per Person

      Suckling Pig Roast (